Why feel down under the weather, when you can be helped trough healing?
It is all about bettering the daily life, so you have more energy and feel on top.
You will get some light-bulb moments in such a way, that you verry quickly, can change old patterns, that are not working for you.
When I heal, a connection with you is establised, which gives me, an immidiate insight into the cause of illness or feeling "of".

Only make an appointment, when YOU fell ready for a fysical and/or psychological renewel.

Price pr. hour: €33.-

Workshops for a few participants, or for you who want to be alone.

I do workshops for the ones, who truly wants personal development.
The workshop consists of work-meditation, healing with singing bowls, painting and personal counseling.

Participants stay at The Alfa Center for 1 week,
and the price is € 700,-
including teaching, counseling and food.